• Soldier Combat System
  • Light Armament
  • Ammunition
  • Ballistic Protection
  • Weapon Systems
  • Security Forces Equipment
  • Land Platforms
  • Naval Platforms
  • Aerial Platforms
  • Unmanned Platforms

Soldier Combat System

This part contains all the needed accessories for the soldier to achieve as comfortably as possible his mission (glasses, uniform, holster,etc.)


Light Armament

This is all kinds of guns which could be carried by a soldier. This could be from a pistol to a rifle. We can propose you the best brands on the market.



We only work with the bests firms of ammunitions and we can propose you all kinds of ammunition, from cartridges to missiles.


Balistic Protection

The most important part for the security and the good being of our forces in their missions. We can propose different kinds of our products. The consumer could be easily adapting himself with his needs.


Weapon Systems

This system is all the kinds of heavy system guns most of the time computerized a weapon and the components necessary to its proper function, such as targeting and guidance devices that we can propose in our catalog.


Security Forces Equipment

Everything that our policeman’s need to prevent, arrest and dissuade the wrongdoer.


Land Platforms

All the lands vehicles that the security forces need to defend and move as quickly as possible on different kinds of grounds zone.


Naval Platforms

All the naval solutions we can propose to defend a water area. From inflatable boats to transport of the troops in the water.


Unmaned Platforms

These are essential platforms for a total control of an area on the ground that can be short-range or long.


Aereal Platforms

All of the essential product for a good control and security of the areal space.

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