About Sodarca Defense

Sodarca is a defense solution provider company settled in Portugal since 1973. SODARCA is a leading company on equipment, systems and platforms solutions for the Armed Forces and Security Forces.
Sodarca Defense promotes, delivers, supports, sustains, guarantees military products, technologies, platforms and systems. Our mission is to add value to public entities, both national and international.
We represent and commercialize carefully selected products. Adaptability, durability and new technology are essential selection criteria in order to be able to offer professionals or individuals an optimal experience of our products. We are constantly looking for the best products with NATO combat proven references.

Member of BTID - Technological and Industrial Base for National Defense


NATO SECRET and NATO PROCURER certified via NSPA and certified by TRACE International


Gunsmith license by the Portuguese Public Security Police National Directoree


Accredited by the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Internal Administration and the Ministry of Justice



Sodarca Defense is a company that has been practising in the field of armaments for about fifty years. We are very committed to the success and well-being of those who uphold our values and provide us with security at home and abroad. That is why Sodarca works every day to seek, negotiate, propose new products and solutions to the armed forces. Our employees have had military experience, so they understand better than anyone the problems, the stakes but especially the needs of those who defend us.


SODARCA Defense & and Security is a member of BTID (Technological and Industrial Base for National Defense), accredited by the Portuguese Defense, Internal Administration, and Justice Ministries (nº1, article 4, Decree-Law nº397/98, 17th December, for the commercialisation of Goods and Military Technologies). Sodarca is duly accredited to provide solutions and gear to the Portuguese Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) and Police Forces (PSP, GNR, SEF, ASAE, Judiciary Police, GISP), among other official forces through public procedures.

SODARCA Defense & and Security is NATO SECRET and NATO PROCURER certified via NSPA, which allows it to access international public procurement.

SODARCA Defense &and Security has a gunsmith license by the Portuguese PSP's National Board of Weapons and Explosives, which certifies the company's capability in terms of storing firearms and ammunition.



Recent Success Facts

  • We are official suppliers of ammo and gear to Armed Forces and Security Forces.
  • Sodarca acted as a representative for the Belgium Engine Center, who assisted the Portuguese Air Force in the maintenance of the Portuguese F16 fighter aircrafts.
  • We provided shooting ranges for the training of certified Judiciary Police investigators.
  • We equipped all Portuguese Armed Forces with Glock Gen3 pistols.
  • We equipped Foreigners and Border Services with Glock Gen3 pistols.
  • We equipped the Portuguese Prison Services with FN Herstal SCAR assault rifles.
  • Acquisition of 5 000 Glocks 17 gen5 by the Portuguese Army
  • Acquisition of 15 000 SCAR assault rifles by the Portuguese Army
  • Acquisition of 3 000 Grenade launchers 40mm by the Portuguese Army
  • Acquisition of 1 500 Machine-guns by the Portuguese Army
  • Attribution of 6 F16 fighters F100 engines Overhaul for the Portuguese Air Force threw Patria BEC
  • Acquisition of 200 FN303 Less Lethal markers by the Portuguese Special Operations from the public security police
  • Acquisition of 10 melhor vario system ballistic Helmets for the Portuguese intervention group of the Portuguese national guards.
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